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Leadership Info

What do you see when you think of a leader?  

Do you see yourself?  

We do.

At the Vermont Institute on Health and Wellness you will learn to trust the leader inside of you.

With the support of the program faculty and your fellow students, you will discover your passions and your strengths, and you will learn to believe in your authentic self.

Your transformation begins the moment you step onto the program grounds.  In your two weeks at VIHW you will try new foods, new yoga poses, and discover new opportunities for challenging yourself.  Through individual and group exercises, you’ll explore your potential as a leader, discovering how your unique leadership skills can change the world.

While hanging upside down in an acro-yoga pose you’ll discover that your fear of heights disappears as you guide another student through the exercise.  You’ll discover that you aren’t afraid of public speaking when you lead your fellow students and teachers in a guided morning meditation.  And you’ll discover how responsible you really are as you lead a team working together with VIHW staff to prepare a nourishing meal for dozens of people.

And you’ll take those lessons with you when you leave.  Back at home, you’ll find yourself more comfortable, more authentic, more passionate.  More willing to take risks, more willing to lead, more willing to create the change you wish to see in the world.

Take the first step on your journey to transform your school, your community and your world–join us at VIHW this summer!