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Executive Director


Jeff Mandell is the founder and director of the Vermont Institute on Health and Wellness–  a praise-winning nonprofit comprised of innovative wellness educators and leaders from around the country.

Welcome to the Vermont Institute on Health and Wellness!  As a high school student growing up in Vermont, I was eager to explore a career in health and wellness, but didn’t know where to start.  As I began to explore options for college and a career, I searched unsuccessfully for a summer program that would help me learn more about my career options in the health and wellness field.  I wanted to learn from experts in diverse health fields from traditional MD’s to alternative practitioners, and began to reach out to them on my own.   Many of the practioners I met during that process years ago now serve on the faculty of VIHW.

I started VIHW in 2007 to give students like me the opportunity to explore this exciting field and make informed decisions about college and careers in a supportive and challenging summer leadership program.  VIHW has been providing teens from New England, New York, New Jersey and across the country with these transformative summer experiences since 2008.

Today, VIHW gives students the opportunity to prepare for a career in the growing world of health and wellness and gives them the tools to improve their own health.  Students leave VIHW with a deeper understanding of their career options and with the skills to teach others to improve their personal health and wellness.  VIHW alumni become leaders in their communities, schools, and colleges whether they decide to pursue a career as a doctor, nutritionist, counselor or in an another emerging field.

I am proud of the community we have created at VIHW.  Students have a unique opportunity to grow here–from exploring yoga for the first time to learning basic anatomy and nutrition, VIHW offers students the chance to challenge themselves in a supportive and nurturing community.  Our staff, counselors, and teachers love what they do and return year after year to provide students with dynamic and engaging classes and activities every day of the program.  I look forward to meeting you at VIHW this year!