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Mission & Vision

At the Vermont Institute on Health and Wellness, students become leaders through a transformative educational process– learning at VIHW engages the body, the heart, and the mind.  The mission of VIHW is to help students explore careers in health and wellness with medical doctors, yoga instructors, nutritionists, herbalists, fitness instructors, experts in inter-personal communication, community health specialists, and other experts who are pioneers in their fields.  VIHW is much more than a college prep program–  it prepares students to succeed and live full and meaningful lives both inside and outside the classroom.

VIHW prepares students to successfully integrate health and wellness into their lives, communities, and careers and to become leaders in whatever profession they pursue.   Graduates of VIHW leave the program with a new understanding of their own potential as leaders with a new set of skills and tools to become leaders and catalysts for change in their communities, schools, colleges, and workplaces.